Bella Collina Results
Winners by Flights

Bella Collina Pairings / just click on the next line
bella collina pairing sheet

Winners in 3 flights are highlighted
Goose Creek results 5-3-21

Closest to the Pin on par 3’s

The Skins Game
Your won’t believe it but we only had 2 winners
Goose Creek_skins_5_3_21

Pairings Goose Creek
Goose Creek Pairings May 3, 2021 

Los Serranos Results
los serranos results by flights
Awarding Prizes for 1 & 2 place in 3 flights

The Skins Game results
los serranos skins
Frost, Paul (Hole: 5 Score: 2)
Richter, Stephen (Hole: 6 Score: 1)
Mistry, Chandra (Hole: 7 Score: 2)
Wrenn, Barry (Hole: 8 Score: 3)
Baker, Bob (Hole: 10 Score: 2)
Malone, Ed (Hole: 11 Score: 2)
Prendergast, Mark (Hole: 18 Score: 3)
Each Skin winner get $20.00
Closest to the Pins
Los seranos closest to the pin winners
Hole Winner
6 Adam Whitham
9 Kieran Brown
12 Mark Prendergast
17 David Walker
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Los Serranos S pairings
los serranos parings with start time 4-12-21HHGC

Coyote Hills Winners

Closest to the pins on  par 3’s
Hole # 8 Doug Oldham at 1’10”
Hole# 3 Paul Frost at 6′ 5″
Hole #14 Bob Hawes 6′ 6″
Hole #17 Chandra Mistry 11′ 5″

Team Winners
congratulations to: Team 1 1st place & Team 7 2nd place
1st Place team #1: Doug Oldham, Malcolm Palmer, Barry Wrenn & Ted Allred
2nd place Team 7: Paul Frost, Ross Jones, Ed Malone & Martin Taylor
click on the results to see how the other teams did
Coyote Hills results 3-8=21
Skins winners
We had 5 holes
winners $34.00 each
congratulations to 
Wally Miyhamura, Malcolm Palmer, 2 skins, Mark Weinheimer & Ross Jones
Coyote Hills skins 3-8=21
Because of the lousy mail system at this time, You can pick up your winnings at our next tournament 

Coyote Hills Parings

Winners by Flights
western hills results by flights
Winners Skins
Wesstern Hills skins pdf

Closest to the Pin’s winners
hole #6 Ted Allred 8′ 9″
hole #8 Lance Lockwood 7’10”
Hole #14 Darl Winston 22′ 1″
each skin was worth $28.00
Thanks guys for Playing / Be sure to sign up for Coyote hill ASAP

Western Hills Pairings
western hills 2021
Please be at the course by 9AM 1st t
Free Range Balls
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Rio Hondo Results / Winners by Flights
Rio Hondo Skins game winners
RIO HONDO SKINS 1-11-21pdf

Closest to the Pin on par 3’s
Hole#    Winner
7        Doug Oldham
8        Tom DeLa Rosa
10      Ed  Malone
14      Greg Roberts
17      Terry Rasset
Congratulations to all the luck winners.  


Tournament Pairings Rio Hondo
RIO HONDO 1-11-21XL.phf

Schedule for the Space Seniors Group Attached.
Please note that they are independent of our group.  Please contact the their Tournament Manger, for the date you want to play, and they can give you more information as to where to send the check.
Space group Senior2021_V2

 Some of our members have stepped up to help run our tournaments but we can still use more help.  

One of the ways we are able to reinstate play is by linking our tournaments with other clubs.  By doing this we are able 
to continue playing.

JANUARY we have scheduled Rio Hondo  for  Jan 11th  SIGN UP NOW we only have 28 openings


FROM BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  We are suspending tournaments for the next few months due to Covid-19 and election of new board members.  We’ve had a great run and this past year has been tough.  Besides trying to plan tournaments with courses that have had to follow government rules we have lost directors who have moved or resigned.  We need members to step up and help with planning 2021 along with helping run our club.
Opening exist for President, Tournament Director, SCGA Rep/membership, Treasurer, and at least 6 tournament Managers.
If you would like to discuss these positions, Please contact Bob Baker VP/Communications Director
Cell# 714/ 743-4322 or E-mail  HHGCCOMMUNICATIONS@GMAIL.COM 
Without these positions filled we will not be able to continue as a SCGA affiliated group. 

 San Juan Hills  RESULTS
San Juan Hills 2020 Results REV2 xl

A” flight  Tie scores, winner determined by SCGA rules.
1st  Paul Frost Net 74
2nd Ray Sandoval Net 74
3rd Dave Walker Net 75
“B” flight
1st Malcolm Palmer Net 70
2nd James Vanhouten Net 71
3rd Don Lamb Net 71

San Juan Hills 2020 Skins rev1 xl

we had 23 players each skin worth $32.00
Greg Roberts hole 2 net 2
Ed Thomson hole 6 net 3
Paul Frost  hole 7 net 1
JJ Krukenkamp hole 16 net 1

Closest to the Pin 
hole 7 Paul Frost
hole 9 Greg Roberts
hole 14 A Whitham
hole 16 JJ Krukenkamp 
hole 18 Tom DeLaRosa

San Juan Hills 2020 Pairs pdf+

RESULTS for ALTA VISTA  Nov 9th 2020
Winners by Flights16 
A- Flight                          B-Flight
1st. Ted Allred               1st  Nish Choksi
2nd JJ Krukenkamp      2nd Martin Taylor
3rd Gary Cook              3rd  Don Canning
Closest to the Pin on par 3’s                      The Skins Game
#2  Paul Frost                                               #4 score 1 Joe Gonzalez
#4  Gary Cook                                              #5 score 3 Dave Walker
#12 Doug Oldham                                        #7 score 3 Glen Ballard
#14 Ted Allred                                              #8 score 2 Don Canning
#17  Barry Wrenn                                          #11 score 4 Paul Frost
                                                                     #14 score 1  Ted Allred
                                                                     #15 score 2 Terry Rasset
                                                                      #16 score 3 Martin Taylor 
                                                                      #18 score 2 Nish Choksi
Alta Vista 2020 Results pdf   

Alta Vista 2020 Skins pdf                                                            

the pairs are set but the hole to be starting with may change.  Hole #11 may end up with a A & B teams.  Click on the file to open.
Alta Vista 2020 Pairs pdf

Tijeras Creek GC results
Flight results/ 2 flights 1st & 2nd place awards in each flight
Tijeras Creek oct 12 2020 flights
Skins Results; we had 8 winners @ 11.00 ea
Tijeras Creek oct 12 2020 Skins
Winners for Closest to the Pin on Par 3’s ; 2 sleeves of Kirkland Balls
hole#5 Dennis Proud
Hole#7 Glenn Ballard
Hole#14 Mark Prendergast
Hole#16 Paul Frost
Congratulations to all winners
Sign up early for Nov 9th Tournament at Alta Vista (includes Lunch box)

Text or email your lunch order ASAP (see note on signing up what is available)

Tijeras Creek Golf Club Pairing’s for OCTOBER 12TH
Just  click on the pairs revised link and then click to open the link

Tijeras Creek 2020 Pairs (revised) xl

Results Los Amigos G C 

Winning Teams
1st place  team #3 Doug Oldham, Barry Wrenn, Malcolm Palmer, Adam Whitham
2nd place was a tie between Team #4 & #1 came down to the last 3 holes for a tie beaker. 
Team #4 wins by 1 stroke  congratulations to Bob Hawes, JJ Drukenkamp, Mark Pendergast & George Gipe

you can see  all the results by clicking on the results link below.
Los Amigos GC 2020 Results(2) xl

The Skins game:  we had 6 winners  at $18.00 ea
Adam Whitham hole # 1 score 3
Malcolm Palmer hole # 7 score 1
Stephen Richter hole # 11 score 3
Barry Wrenn hole # 12 score 1
Paul Frost hole #13 score 2
Mark Pendergast hole 16 score 2

click on skins link to open and see all the skins postings.

Closest to the pins on all par 3’s
#3 Paul Frost
#7 Malcolm Palmer
#12 Ed Malone
#17 Barry Wrenn
pick up your ball at the next tournament.   



Just click on the pairs link and it will open

Los Amigos GC 2020 Pairs PDF

Rio Hondo Results Aug 10th /2020 along with skins and closest to the pins. just click on the rio hondo link and it will open


RESULTS:  Los Serranos  July 13th

Closest to the Pins on Par 3’s

#2 Glenn Ballard

#6 Keith Mottran

#10 Don Lamb

#17 Bill Shelton

Please pick up 2 sleeves of balls at the next tournament on Aug 10th.

Winning Team of the Waltz Game

#4 Ross Jones, Tom DelaRosa, Paul Frost, & Bob Baker  

Please pick up your gift card to Roger Dunn at our next tournament

team results: Los serannos 2020 results xl


We had 6 winners at $20.00 each

Barry Wrenn hole 3 score 4

Ron Patterson hole 4 score 2

Malcolm Palmer hole 8 score 2

Darl Winston Had 2  hole 10 score 1 and hole 11 score 2

Bob Baker hole 13 score 2

the brake down:  Los serannos 2020 SKINS xl

Congratulations:  winners will be mailed. 

Be sure to sign up early for our next tournament on Aug 10 Rio Hondo.

If you have information that you would like to share with fellow members and guests this is the place.  Just email me the information you would like to share and I can up load it here.  Please have it in pdf format or if a picture it can be a jpg format.   

Thanks,  Bob Baker